2 Months

6 hours per week for 2 months


12 March, 2018

for only 20 aspiring Growth Marketers


Digital Marketing Certificate, Diploma or relevant working experience

Every day, I go to the office, I get in the habit of thinking of that little extra something, that “hack”

Nota Stavrou - e-commerce manager https://www.pinkwoman-fashion.com


Nota Stavrou - e-commerce manager https://www.pinkwoman-fashion.com

Every day, I go to the office, I get in the habit of thinking of that little extra something, that “hack”
The [course’s] biggest achievement its team; they support you throughout the entire length of the seminar, both inside and outside of the classroom,

Joanna Poulopoulou - Business Consultant


Joanna Poulopoulou - Business Consultant

The [course’s] biggest achievement its team; they support you throughout the entire length of the seminar, both inside and outside of the classroom,
I now know more than 90% of Marketers!

Andreas Kougentakos  - CEO at https://www.socialactive.gr/


Andreas Kougentakos  - CEO at https://www.socialactive.gr/

I now know more than 90% of Marketers!
[The Course/Seminar] is very good and very practical.

Pery Nastos - Business Owner https://hostelbay.com


Pery Nastos - Business Owner https://hostelbay.com

[The Course/Seminar] is very good and very practical.
Suddenly, you discover that there’s another world out there waiting to be explored.

Spyros Rentoulas - CEO at SRV Applications


Spyros Rentoulas - CEO at SRV Applications

Suddenly, you discover that there’s another world out there waiting to be explored.

In partnership with:

GrowthRocks is one of the top growth Hacking Agencies internationally and ranks #1 worldwide for the term “growth hacking agency”. In only 3 years, GrowthRocks has managed to expand its market to cover 16 countries, with offices in Athens, London, and affiliates in 10 more countries. Moreover, the GrowthRocks team has developed a VC-backed startup called Viral Loops-a SaaS platform for referral marketing with a 40% month after month Growth Rate!

As seen in:

Growth Sandwich is the #1 London-based Growth Hacking lab. Growth Sandwich drives growth for early-stage companies using cutting-edge growth marketing or growth hacking tactics. It also produce products that act as independent entities but can also support our current clients. Specialising in customer acquisition and conversion rate optimisation, Growth Sandwich helps businesses find new growth potentiality across web and mobile - and our results speak for themselves. Their experienced team of Growth Hackers alongside our Acquisition and CRO teams, allow them to consistently deliver expectations.

Worked with:

but what is Growth Hacking, really?

Growth Hacking Marketing begun through tech companies like Facebook, Dropbox and Hotmail as a method and methodology to scale quickly using smart and cost-effective marketing tactics. It blends creativity, analytical thinking, engineering and data analysis to achieve any and all business and marketing goals.



Web & Mobile Analytics, A/B Testing, Marketing Automation, Conversion Optimization, SEO, SEM & PPC, Copywriting, Email Marketing, Social Media

Data Analysis

Spreadsheets, Statistics, SQL, Data Studio, BI, Cohorts, e-listening, paid spent analysis, channel performance, heatmaps, forms analytics


HTML, CSS, JS, Landing Pages, Scrapers, Digital Properties, APIs, emails, automations, forms


Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Video Editing, Posts, icons, product landscapes, social channel management

Our mission? To make you a ‘T-shaped’ Marketer!

Growth Hackers do not define himself as marketers, engineers or developers. They have a lust for technology, data, quick and effective actions, meticulous accuracy of results, and perpetual optimization, leveraging them to create valuable solutions. They learn through experimenting with different processes, using new tools, and most importantly, through failing, testing again, and subsequently succeeding.

The Instructors

With decades of experience in Digital and Growth Hacking Marketing, your instructors will introduce you to Growth Hacking sharing you their secrets, techniques, and most effective growth tips.

Theo Moulos

Theo Moulos

CEO GrowthRocks

Theo created a multi-million network of GH Agencies in just 2 years. Woking In marketing for 20+ years comes with a series of examples

Aggelos Mouzakitis

Aggelos Mouzakitis

CEO Growth Sandwitch

Aggelos has over 8 years experience in Digital and Growth marketing, having worked with the most organisations in UK.

Savvas Zortikis

Savvas Zortikis

CEO Viral-Loops

Savvas is a growth hacking expert with solid experience in getting traction & boosting retention with a specialization in SAAS Products

Alex Lambropoulos

Alex Lambropoulos

Co-founder Adpesto

Currently a Head of Growth @ Growth Sandwich, a London-based Growth Lab and Co-founder @Adpesto, the ultimate Facebook ads report.

Bill Stathopoulos

Bill Stathopoulos

Growth Strategist @ GrowthRocks

Bill is a specialist in Inbound & Content Marketing campaigns and strategies that perform beyond any expectation.

What the course includes

It consists of practical hands-on lessons on the topic of Growth Hacking. In other words, participants receive tailored advice on how they can implement the acquired knowledge to digital marketing and scale their user or customer base.


Who is this course for?

For entrepreneurs with prior work experience in digital marketing | For Digital Marketing graduates or certificate holders | For engineers that want to better understand and apply their new knowledge digital marketing | For startuppers that want to be actively involved and get actionable results | For marketers that want to supplement their theoretical knowledge of marketing with practical, hands-on material & strategies

I’m not sure if this is for me

What you’ll get out of this course

You’ll gain practical and applied knowledge of Digital Marketing | You’ll get access to valuable real-world examples and programming code that you can use to automate your processes | You’ll become a member of a thriving community where you can enquire about any future questions through exclusive access to our official Slack Team


Old Students sharing their experiences

The new Growth Hackers explain why this workshop went beyond their expectations and why it helped them to save thousands of Euros in bad decisions.
You will hear what this workshop delivered and how much they enjoyed it.

Meet them

What people say about us


Read an article about how the Syllabus was developed for this course and the methodology that led to it

See how it happened

Make your first Growth Plan

Analyze your business’ funnel, pinpoint ideal conversion rates and improve them through finding the appropriate channels

3 hours

Craft your Inbound Marketing Stack

Install and configure all the tools you’ll need to grow your conversion, calculate and understand your customer’s or user’s behavior and transform your site into a true marketing tool that will help you scale your business

9 hours

Drive visitors to your website

Locate your users and establish procedures that will better inform them and ensure they end-up on your website. Meticulously analyze each channel’s results and focus on the ones that bring you higher quality traffic.

6 hours

Identify your audience and establish your communication strategy

Learn from using special tools to discover your audience and understand their behaviors. Communicate with your users or customers through multiple channels and lists that you’ll create through web-scraping. Operate only whilst emphasizing the value you bring to your user or customer and learn how to effectively communicate without spamming or annoying them

6 hours

Create a viral marketing campaign

Choose the right concept that aligns with your business or your business’ needs. Learn how to execute a campaign, how you’ll oversee it and how you’ll optimize it to ensure you get the best possible results.

3 hours

Implement an outbound marketing strategy

Learn and perform outbound campaigns to audiences that you don’t yet know through various channels. Understand how you will approach them, in terms of both technical and communicative aspects. Test different approaches and see which one performs better (A/B/C/D testing)

3 hours

Advanced PPC advertising

Learn how you can automate your PPC campaigns, optimize its performance, and pick the channels that will give you better and more effective results

3 hours

Perform engineering-as-marketing techniques

Use various tools we’ll provide (and others we’ll teach you about) to discover innovative ways to bring users to your site, blog, application, or eshop

3 hours

Advanced content management

Learn how to use content as a tool that will bring you users, and how you can distribute it in the most effective ways. Use content in a smart way (it’s considered an expensive channel) to bring tangible and measurable results.

6 hours

Participation Cost

for only 20 seats

early bird

1.840 Pounds per person
  • Available until 15/02

Normal Price

2.500 Pounds per person
  • Standard Price


Intensive hours to cover all materials with hands-on practice


Split in 3 hour sessions where each one focuses on a different growth hack

2 months

Until you become a true growth hacker with knowledge and experience in its implementation


12 Mar 2018


Monday & Tuesday18:00-21:00


2, Aurora Building, 124 East Rd, London N1 6FD

2, Aurora Building, 124 East Rd, London N1 6FD (https://forwardpartners.com/)

What you need to bring with you

Your Laptop

The curriculum is in its entirety created so its participants can be actively involved in their personal computers. If you don’t have one, let us know and we can take care of it

An appetite for actions

Be hungry and in the mood not just to learn but also to do a lot of things. Through your active participation, you will execute a growth plan for your actual or hypothetical business.


Examples from your every-day life and experiences, and real problems you are facing. We’ll try to answer all of your questions (but in fact, we’ll help you figure out the answers)